Súper Grillo 2009, from Bodega El Grillo y la Luna, picks up the only grand gold medal for a Somontano D.O. wine at the Concours Mondial de Bruselles

PRESS RELEASE Súper Grillo 2009, a 50% Cabernet Sauvignon and 50% Syrah, has achieved the…

Garnacha Salt in Heraldo de Aragón and Aragón TV

Garnacha Salt market launch in the Heraldo de Aragón newspaper and Aragón TV  SEE THE NEWS    

Rodi Restaurant in the Heraldo de Aragón

Press release for Rodi Restaurant in the Heraldo de Aragón.  SEE THE NEWS

New proposals and trends on wine labels

Special designs wine labels for your target market. Vintage, minimalist, classic … We have available…

Tasting and Pairing in Aragon con Gusto.

Tasting and Pairing in “Aragon con Gusto”. Nov. 3, 2014 Wine and food pairing Borja…